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Frequently Asked Questions

How can we help?

When should I expect my order to arrive?

Ans: The local delivery service normally takes 1 - 3 working days.  Our lead time for order processing is around 2 working days.  It means that parcel will be arrived from 3 - 5 working days.  Normally the shipment is faster than estimated arrival time.  Kindly refer to Shipping & Returns for further details.

How much is the delivery fee?

Ans: We offer free delivery for total order amount over HK$599; for total order amount below HK$600, only HK$39 will be required.  Kindly refer to Shipping & Returns for further details.

How much coffee beans should I purchase?

Ans: This is very subjective.  In general, people opt for 1:15 - 18 (coffee to water) for all brewing methods.  Ratio can be adjusted based on personal preference and brewing methods.  For instance, you can go for 1:15 for a strong coffee, 1 cup (236ml) will approximately need 16g coffee.

How do we pack your coffee beans?

Ans: Coffee beans are stored in craft paper bag.

Why does the product show "out of stock"?

Ans: Some items are in high demand.  You could pre-order with 50% deposit (please see the payment methods) for the item which is shown as "out of stock".  We would notify you the estimated arrival item once the 50% deposit has been made.

Do you ship internationally?

Ans: Yes.  Shipment will be made via Hong Kong Speed Post or SF Express.  In case of enquiry of the rate, please reach out to us via email.

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